An Aussie helps to remember Armistice Day in Canterbury


Residents and visitors to the small Canterbury township of Pleasant Point to attend the Armistice Day service which commemorates the signing of the armistice between the Allied Forces and Germany signalling the end of World War One were witness to a 1941 field gun.
The field gun fired three shots on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month at the local cemetery.
Organised by the Pleasant Point RSA, the 1941 Australian made 25 pounder gun fired the three shots.
Mr Don Pelvin who owns the gun said, “We had to fire the gun from the cemetery as we can’t inside the town. It’s too much noise. We fired the blank shots which was just noise and no projectile.’’
The gun was made in Australia and served in World War Two and in the Korea War.

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