Migrant Perceptions Survey 2021


The Migrant Perceptions Survey for 2021 is now available. The survey aims to understand how Asian migrants cope in New Zealand and maps what communities do and don’t do well to support their migrants. This year’s survey received around 14,000 responses

Overall, 2021 has been challenging for everyone, especially our migrant communities. The survey, which provides an overall approval rating based on respondent feedback, saw New Zealand’s grade drop from 77% approval down to 68%.

Accessing local news and information in their native language remains the number one concern of Asian migrants, made worse by the frequency of updates and changes relating to Covid19. Misinformation is a significant and growing concern.

On a more positive note, Asian migrants, have been venturing out of Auckland in search of business opportunities and more affordable living. Responses say they feel there are good opportunities in the regions.

Wellington city is the most welcoming place, with Wellington Region, the Bay of Plenty and Auckland city closely following. Hastings and South Waikato districts saw the most significant improvement in embracing migrants.

Click here to view the Migrant Perceptions Survey report

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