New school planned for Hamilton’s southwest


A plan to replace Melville High School and Melville Intermediate with a single Year 7-13 institution has been confirmed, despite concerns from the high school.

In a statement Thursday, Education Minister Chris Hipkins said “I am satisfied that Melville High School and Melville Intermediate should close, and a new school should be established to meet the needs of current and future young people in the area”.

The minister has written to the school boards giving them 28 days to provide final feedback. A formal decision will then be made.

Development of a new merged school property would take several years, with learning continuing from both sites as the build is planned and construction gets underway, the minister’s statement said.

Two new primary school sites were also being acquired, and the first would open around 2024/2025. Timing for the second would depend on how fast growth was in the area.

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