New Zealand avocado industry adjusts to changing circumstances


According to the New Zealand Horticulture Export Authority, avocados were the fifth most valuable horticultural export in 2020. But the season had been rocky, with a slump in sales to Australia.

Now, some growers are switching to selling avocados directly to online purchasers, not to buyers for supermarkets. Growers like Corey Ramage, who launched Grower Outlet ​mid-June. He planted 1200 more trees last year in his Te Puna orchard, adding to his orchard with 30-year-old trees. He is planning to plant again this spring.

Ramage​ says customer demand for his avocados ordered online by the box was growing. He said selling this way was more satisfying than seeing contractors, drivers and retailers clipping the ticket along the way.

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