New Zealand international education – a wasted opportunity


Education agents have “all but written off” travel to Australia and New Zealand for international students for 2021, while Canada and the UK have seen more interest as study destinations in recent months.

Despite New Zealand being ranked highly for the governments’ handling of Covid-19 and having ‘safe and stable’ reputations, New Zealand has lost much of their reputations for being open and welcoming among agents and international students.

A survey of offshore education agents ranked New Zealand to lowest performer out of the five main English speaking export education markets, with the United Kingdom and Canada being seen as most favorable. There is a feeling that the government has no clear plan and their lack of communication with the industry borders on arrogance.

The New Zealand government still has not provided details on when or how students can return, bringing into question the possibility of the 2022 student intake.

In 2019 the international student market contributed over $5.4 billion dollars to the economy, and provided invaluable boost to school finances and households through homestay fees. Apart from their contributions to the economy international students also bring diversify to schools.

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