Possible delays for Samsung’s popular device


Whilst the release of Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 mobile device is on schedule, there are rumours that due to an outbreak of Covid-19 in a Samsung production centre there could be a delay for the release of the Galaxy Tab S8.
YouTuber, “Super Roader” has advised that eleven staff members in the R5 Tower of the Samsung Digital City in Suwon, Korea have tested positive for Covid-19. The R5 Tower is where the Galaxy devices such as the Tab S8 an S22 are developed.
It is understood that delays are caused by the company’s strict measures which require 70 percent of the staff to work from home. This means that the sensitive developer devices in R5 Tower can only be accessed by 30 percent of the team members.
The S8 mobile phone is still due to launch in either January or February next year.

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