Zespri grows partnerships in China.


New Zealand kiwifruit company Zespri has launched a three-year trial program growing kiwi’s and promoting authorized plantations in Sichuan province. The vendor indicated that during the first year of the trial program, the company would gather an expert council consisting of Chinese scientists, scholars, and practitioners. The expert council aims to share experience and knowledge and set standards for the trial program.

Zespri CEO Daniel Mathieson said that the trial program had numerous advantages. He said Zespri and Chinese kiwi companies would improve the quality of products and increase income. Also, the authorized kiwi growth in China will encourage local companies to apply the latest innovations. Thirdly, it is hoped that there will be support from the Chinese government in the domain of new varieties of plants.

Zespri has a history of working with overseas partners to grow kiwifruit, with extensive collaborations in South Korea and Chile.

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