Commercial Grade Solar Flood Light High Power Bright

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Product Features:

– The commercial-grade solar flood light high power LED is a professional energy-efficient and grid-independent solar lighting product for residential and commercial application.

– Improved Solar Panel has enhanced Energy Conversion rate to shorten the charging time of the battery even at rainy or cloudy days.

– Powerful Bright performance of 60W, 100W or 120W LED outcomes with lighting time up to 15 hours at 50% brightness on a single battery charge. The number of high-luminous SMD 5730 LED bulbs varies depending on models. Up to 100lm per Watt with Rated Power 5W/ 10W/ 12W accordingly [500lm/ 1000lm/ 1200lm].

– Charging and Power LED Display indicators shows the connection and remaining charge of the battery.

– The light is equipped with advanced new generation LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery that can work in high-temperature environments with enhanced cycle life and longer discharge rate.

– Various Lighting and Operation Modes including:

  • Energy-Saving DIM light,
  • Adjustable Brightness to 50% or 100%,
  • Light Timing function with the duration of 3, 5 or 8 hours settings.

– Remote Control with extensive control functions including brightness and timing with Memory Function.

– Fully automated operation process with Special built-in Light-control System that turns the light on automatically in the dark and turns off in the day time or bright light condition.

– Flexible fitting construction with adjustable angles of the Solar Panel increases the sunlight exposure from any direction while aluminium frame protects the solar panel.

– Suitable for Indoor Installation and use as the Light can be turned on with Remote Control even in the DAYTIME.

– Durable Waterproof and Heatproof design: enhanced IP66 water and weather resistance. Aluminium alloy metal case provides strong anti-oxidation protection and ability to withstand the Australian harsh sun exposure.

– Energy-sufficient construction provides a heat sink. Highly-efficient heat dissipation system allows cooling LED Chips preventing them from overheating.

– Easy to install, setup and operate. Universal mount is suitable for wall application.

– No maintenance or electricity cost. User-friendly design, no wiring or any professional installation needed.



The universal High Power Commercial Grade Solar Flood Light delivers bright long-lasting reliable lighting and is ideal for maintain casual or emergency lighting around residential and commercial premises.

– Residential Application includes the house, garage, garden, porches, patios, balconies & verandas, side and backyard, aisles, driveway, stairs, entryway, path, fence etc.

– Commercial Application is not limited to industrial and business premises including warehouses, parking, cafes, hotels, coal and iron ore mines, farm fields, construction and buildings sites, road works etc.

– Applicable to light up public areas including Parks, Parking lots, Roads, Streets, Pathways, Playgrounds etc.

– Great as a Security Light for any outdoor property.


VIDEO PRESENTATION AVAILABLE. Click on PLAY BUTTON at the left bottom side of the photo to see the video demonstration.


Commercial Grade Solar Flood Light High Power Bright LED


Package Included:

1 x LED Flood Light

1 x Solar Panel with connecting cord.

1 x Remote Controller

1 x Installation Kit

1 x User Manual


General Maintenance Tips for Solar Lighting products:

– High Power Commercial Grade Solar Flood Light is fully solar powered lighting product. Solar Panel should be installed in a well-lit area where it can receive maximum straight sunlight during daytime. Any cover that shades the Solar Panel will affect its ability to absorb sunlight and as a result, decrease a device’s performance.

– Clean the surface of the Solar Panel with a soft, slightly moistened cloth with soap and water or a dry brush only. Do not use any corrosive cleaning liquids or chemicals since this may damage the housing surface or impair future operation.

– Keep the Solar Panel free of dirt, debris and snow otherwise the battery will not charge properly or might also shorten battery life or cause a malfunction.

– It is recommended to place the product under the sun for recharging even it is not being used to prevent from a dead battery and maximize its life.

– In a case when the product is not being used for a long time, charge it for at least 10 hours by the sun before use.

– Please, keep the product away from the fire to prevent explosion hazard.

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