Student accommodation


For an international student there are different options for accommodation. Use the tabs below to explore the best option for you:

Boarding – also referred to as homestay – means you have a furnished room in a private home with all meals, use of all facilities (electricity and laundry) included in the quoted weekly cost. 

Hosts are encouraged to help their students feel part of the family.  Generally boarding means you will have your own room, with all that you need in it.  Warm bed with linen, duvet and blankets and pillow provided.  You will have adequate storage of your personal things, a desk with lamp and in most homes internet access on your own computer. 

Your host will provide all your meals, but when you have settled you may be taught how to make your own breakfast and lunch. Depending on the host and your own willingness, your laundry will be done for you or you will be taught how to use the facilities yourself. 

The host family option for accommodation is not a hostel (where you invite your mates over without permission) or a hotel (where everything is provided). Most Kiwi homes have both parents working outside the home so consideration is really important.  

Homestay accommodation costs range from $250 - $340/week and can be arranged through the accommodation services team at the institution you are planning to enrol in.

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