About Hongi


About Hongi

Hongi is a multi-lingual information portal and service directory for New Zealand. Hongi takes its name from the traditional Māori greeting whereby two people press their noses and foreheads together and take in a deep breath.

In the hongi, the ha (breath of life) is exchanged in a symbolic show of unity. Traditionally through this exchange, visitors (manuhiri) blend with the people of the land (tangata whenua) and establish a connection.

The Hongi is a tradition that stems from an age-old Māori legend that described how women were created. According to the legend, woman’s shape was moulded from the earth but had no life. God Tãne breathed into the moulded woman’s nostrils and the female sneezed and came to life. The female was named Hineahuone, translated to “earth-made woman”.

The goal of the Hongi Information Portal is to connect the people of New Zealand to those who are coming to our beautiful land. We wish to welcome them, provide them with information about New Zealand life and promote friendship and understanding across cultural and linguistic divides.

The Hongi Information Portal is owned and operated by Eastern Bridge Limited, a New Zealand International Relations company based in Napier, Hawkes Bay. For more information about Eastern Bridge, please visit our website: www.easternbridge.co.nz

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