New Zealand is a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy in the British “Westminster” tradition. The New Zealand government is led by the Prime Minister, although Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is New Zealand’s official head of state. The Governor-General is the Queen’s personal representative in New Zealand and fulfils constitutional, ceremonial, and community leadership roles.

General elections are held every three years. Members of Parliament are elected on a ‘mixed-member proportional’ (MMP) voting system. 71 members are elected from single-member electorates and 49 members are elected from closed party lists.

Currently, New Zealand has a left-centrist government made up of members of the Labour Party and the Green Party. Jacinda Ardern, the leader of the Labour Party, is Prime Minister. The (right leaning) National Party is the main opponent to the Labour government. The next general election will be held in 2023.


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