Entrepreneur Work Visa

The Entrepreneur Work visa (previously the Long Term Business visa) enables experienced business people, who want to be self-employed, to buy or establish their own business in New Zealand.

To be approved for an Entrepreneur Work visa applicants must, among other things:

(a) to be able to make a minimum capital investment of NZ$100,000 (excluding working capital), unless this requirement is waived;

(b) meet or exceed 120 points on a scale which awards points for factors relating to the likely success of the proposed business and its value to New Zealand;

(c) have a detailed business plan specific to the proposed business;

(d) not have been involved in bankruptcy or business failure within the five years preceding the date on which the application is made;

(e) have a New Zealand occupational registration, if it is required to run the business;

(f) not have any previous convictions for fraud or financial impropriety; and

(g) meet Immigration New Zealand’s health and character requirements for residence and English language requirements.

If an application for an Entrepreneur Work visa is approved, the applicant will initially be granted a 12-month work visa to enable the applicant to buy or establish a business in New Zealand (start-up stage). The applicant can be granted the balance of the Entrepreneur Work visa, an additional 24 months, if the applicant can show that the applicant has made the capital investment detailed in its business plan, and established its business (balance stage). The Entrepreneur Work visa is often the first step on the pathway to applying for residency in New Zealand under the Entrepreneur Residence category.

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