Jiangxi is an inland province with a population of just under 50 million people. Like the Eastern Bay of Plenty, Jiangxi’s economy strongly focuses on horticulture, forestry and tourism. Jiangxi is famous for its tea and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Like the Eastern Bay of Plenty, the province has received strong central government support and is currently enjoying an economic boom.

The population is relatively affluent, with disposable incomes parallelling those in New Zealand. Jiangxi people aspire to travel and study internationally and desire foreign products, especially food, health and beauty products which New Zealand produces.

The Jianxi Provincial government has priorities ecological protection, including the rejuvenation of its waterways and lakes, including Poyang lake – the largest lake in China. About 40% of the province is forested, with another 10% in sustainable commercial forestry.

Culturally, the province is made up predominantly of Han people, however, there are several ethnic minority groups, including the Hakka, Gan and She people. Jiangxi is famous for opera and performing arts, with China’s version of Shakespeare, Tang Xianzu originating from Fuzhou city. In China, Jiangxi is also renowned for its traditional architecture and porcelain.

How can I be involved?

Anyone from the Eastern Bay of Plenty region is welcome to participate in the relationship. The only requirement for participating is that they are respectful and do not do anything to bring the Eastern Bay region into disrepute:

Business – For businesses interested in trading, the Bay of Plenty Center in Nanchang city is a free to use resource to display products and meet potential import and export partners. The centre is staffed and can provide advice, introductions, translations, and travel planning. Once Covid19 travel restrictions ease, two-yearly business delegations to Jiangxi will assist with business to business connectivity. To access the Bay of Plenty centre or more information about the Jiangxi market, contact the Eastern Bay of Plenty Chamber of Commerce.

Community Organisations – Individuals and community involvement is encouraged. The relationship is reliant on enthusiastic people to participate. To get involved, contact your local council.

Students – The Jiangxi Provincial Government and New Zealand government via the North Asia Center of Asia Pacific Excellence has established a scholarship fund. Programmes range from three weeks to 12 months in duration. For more information regarding the scholarship, programmes contact your local high school.