Another thriller from Korea


On the back of the Squid Game phenomenon, Korea’s pop culture continues to assert itself as cool.
Hellbound, the latest creation from the Asian peninsula gives viewers thrill after rush in nightmare proportions.
The creators of Hellbound have incorporated cops, drama and the supernatural to enthral fans of dark television.
The show is set in a city where the citizens are losing trust and confidence in the government, crime is becoming uncontrollable, morals are questionable and stalking on the internet is increasing.
Stories of prophetic angels with messages for people about their eternal futures in Hell are told. This is followed by demonic underworld executioners who arrive to put to death the unfortunate.
While many do not believe in the stories others do and are influenced by the charismatic leader of The New Truth Jeong Jin-soo. Video clips on YouTube are uploaded by the leader which enhances the mystery.
Jeong Jin-soo’s message is, “We have forgotten about repentance and redemption.” He tells his followers the angels deliver the messages to all who have wronged others and God requires them to become more righteous.
This causes problems for the police who are sceptical as there is no evidence for Jin-soo’s preaching.
Due to some radical behaviours of the movement, Detective Jin Kyeong-hoon has been assigned to investigate the involvement of The New Truth organisation.
Kyeong-hoon has his own back story which he battles with. His wife was murdered many years ago and he is traumatised by her murderer receiving a light sentence. To add to the complexity, his daughter is gaining supporters for The New Truth.
Hellbound’s opening scenes grab and hold your attention with demons displaying their seemingly unlimited power. From there, you’re hooked.
The writers have cleverly brought together horror which is supported by thought provoking concepts of prophesy.
Hellbound is currently streaming on Netflix

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