Covid-19; Ministry of Education Plans for Distance Learning Unveiled


The official date for opening the schools around the country is on 15th April. It is second term, and schools will be given aid to make sure learning continues at home even under the Lockdown.

Parents have been warned by the Minister of Education, Chris Hopkins not to attend schools.

A survey carried on a school by the Ministry of Education reveals that about half are well equipped for distance learning by using internet.

New measures to support new connections and students’ resources at every school are in place.

The target is in the following areas:
1. Accessing the internet and devices to be increased based on the number of students
2. Hard copy materials to be delivered to different year levels
3. Education-related content to be broadcasted on funded two television channels
4. Online resources to be available in abundance for parents

More support should be given in schools, especially where distance learning is concerned. This is by giving teachers and learners access to more professional learning and development.

About 17000 digital devices have been purchased.

Broadcasting on television begins on 15th April. Hopkins has confirmed this by saying that about 6 hours of educational content will be broadcasted each day.

A greater focus is also to be laid on the students’ mental health and up skilling support for those displaced because of the Covid-9 pandemic.

Idle sitting devices in schools will be relocated to households that require them.

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