Kiwi accent named second most attractive


A survey by dating site Harmony, has seen the New Zealand accent ranked as the second most attractive to people in the UK, coming in behind the Queen’s Received Pronunciation accent.

It comes after the New Zealand accent was also rated the sexiest in the world in an extensive poll, conducted by Big Travel in April last year.

The Harmony survey asked 1000 Brits to listen to 40 different voice recordings, spoken in 20 dialects, and rank them on a scale of 1 to 5 based on various positive traits including attractiveness.

The sentence read was “In Britain we can expect rain at any time of the year. While winter is wetter than summer, seasonal differences in rainfall are very small.”

Received Pronunciation, which is spoken by royals and those of upper class, was rated the most attractive as it’s associated with intelligence, sophistication and charm.

The top 20 accents in order of attractiveness were:

1. Received Pronunciation
2. New Zealand
3. Edinburgh
4. Australian
5. German
6. Yorkshire
7. Irish
8. Glasgow
9. Geordie
10. American
11. Essex
12. Liverpudlian
13. London
14. Manchester
15. Italian
16. Welsh
17. Birmingham
18. Spanish
19. French
20. Cornish

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