New Zealand Government to introduce charges for the 14-day managed isolation


The Covid-19 Public Health Response Amendment Bill was introduced to Parliament on Wednesday and will provide a legal framework allowing the Government to charge for managed isolation and quarantine facilities.

It will be passed next week before the House rises for the parliamentary term, and further details of the charging scheme and when it will come into force will be announced soon.

Those arriving in New Zealand from overseas will face a $3,100 fine for the cost of their 14 day managed isolation upon arrival, depending on the amount of time they plan to spend in New Zealand.

The Government plans to charge any New Zealander who wants to leave the country after the regulations come into force, or is visiting New Zealand for less than 90 days.

The same applies to temporary visa holders, unless they were already a resident in New Zealand as of March 19, and they departed the country on or before that date.

Critical workers entering New Zealand will be exempt.

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