New Zealand response is excellent, CNN praises Jacinta Ardern


Renowned US News platform CNN has piled praises on New Zealand and their Prime Minister, Jacinta Ardern, concerning their response on COVID-19.

In an attempt to limit people’s exposure to COVID-19, kiwis are in their third week of lockdown. Senior CNN correspondent, Ivan Watson, said that New Zealand is setting very ambitious goals such border closures in an attempt to combat COVID-19 spread.

A mandatory quarantining was a major focus by Watson since Ardern gave a mention of it. The action taken by New Zealand is acting like a big lesson for the countries that are struggling with corona virus.

Despite of most political parties in New Zealand giving praises to Ardern and the government because of their efforts to eradicate the virus, some suggest that this can even be done faster.
Similarly, the national party has been calling for mandatory quarantine through a petition launched on Tuesday, which has received an unprecedented response.

Ardern has signaled tougher border measures, but their whereabouts will be made known on Friday. The reason being that mandatory quarantining is not something that can be done overnight.
It is reported that nearly 40,000 New Zealanders have returned home since 20th march and, therefore, closing of the border to the foreign nationals.

The country’s lockdown is scheduled to last for another two weeks. But, reports say that Ardern and other officials will meet to decide whether to extend it or not.

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