Tokoroa public toilets win award for ‘best loo’


The Leith Place public toilets, located in Tokoroa, have won the Keep New Zealand Beautiful Best Loo Award.

The Best Loo Award recognises the best public toilet in the country. It takes into account the location, facilities, cleanliness, interior, exterior and the surrounding environment. The award was made at a ceremony earlier this year.

“As part of the Leith Place Upgrade, the council wanted to create a plaza area for visitors and locals to use, provide parking for shoppers, incorporate the existing Talking Poles into a forest, build new toilets and create a ‘wow’ factor to attract passing traffic off the highway,” said South Waikato District Mayor Jenny Shattock.

Five individual toilets mark out the Southern Cross constellation, a bright constellation of the southern sky, which is depicted on the flag of New Zealand. A disc above each toilet projects light downwards, creating a dramatic effect at night.

The toilets were designed by DCA Architects from Rotorua.

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