Introduction to shopping

Shopping is an important part of everyday life, so it’s a good idea to know what you can and can’t buy in certain shops before you consider moving somewhere long-term. Luckily, shopping in New Zealand won’t be a painful experience, as major Kiwi supermarkets are usually stocked with pretty much everything the average shopper might need. Supermarkets are usually open until late 7 days a week, so you’ll have plenty of time to get your shopping done. Supermarkets offer food, drinks and household items as well as alcohol for those over 18 years old.


Buying Food in New Zealand

In addition to supermarkets, you can buy your food from a dairy. This is the name given to smaller stores and corner shops. They have a smaller range than the average supermarket but they can be more convenient and close-by. Petrol stations also offer food and some household items, as well as the car-related goods that you would expect. This may be a convenient alternative after a long drive, but petrol stations do tend to be on the expensive side.

If you have migrated to New Zealand and are looking for some food from closer to home, you could try an ethnic grocery store. There are many of these stores located in cities and suburbs that can offer a diverse range of foods and flavours. This is similar to those who require halal options, cities and suburbs are the best places to find these more specialised foods. New Zealand is full of cafes, restaurants and takeaways that offer a range of cuisines and specialties, being such a diverse nation, you can really experiment with new foods in New Zealand.


Kiwi Retailers

If you are looking to buy clothes then most retailers can be found at the edge of towns and cities. Kiwis usually drive everywhere, so the position of these shopping centres aren’t too much of a problem. Some of the big retail brands have megastores, while others form part of a larger shopping centre. Most towns will have at least one of these shopping centres for you to browse around. They are open from 9-5 and usually close on Sundays.


Managing Money in New Zealand

Once you have chosen what to buy, it’s time to pay for it. Unlike in some countries, Kiwis don’t usually bargain for better deals, it is expected that you pay the price that is advertised. Luckily, most shops in New Zealand take credit card, but it’s usually a good idea to carry some cash as some shops and services like taxis charge extra for using a card in the transaction. If you need to take some money out of your bank account, there are many ATMs around New Zealand and they almost always offer international transfers for foreign cards. These do usually come with a charge attached, so it’s worth looking to get a local card for ease of access with paying and getting paid.

Speaking of paying, New Zealand is a great place to live, but it can be a little expensive. Top shopping tips for saving some money include:

  • Waiting for sales. Supermarkets and megastores will have regular sales that can help you save loads of money if you are willing to wait for one to come around.
  • Use online price comparison sites.
  • Buy second hand or used items. This is very popular in New Zealand due to the resourceful nature of the Kiwis. They use TradeMe for this, it’s like Ebay for New Zealanders.
  • Along with buying second hand, you could visit charity shops. Charity shopping is popular in New Zealand for a similar reason and can be a great way to find some great deals or stylish retro clothes!

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