We all float


Floating bliss to glide down the Waikato River at Taupō

Each day, a growing number of people are launching inflatable rings and boats, kayaks and rafts to glide down the Waikato River. They launch either at the lagoon below the Control Gate Bridge or at Cherry Island, and get out at the hot pools at the Ōtumuheke Stream or at Hipapatua Reid’s Farm.

From the safety conscious to the body conscious, clad in wetsuits with lifejackets to a bikini and anything in between, river floating is popular with Taupō young people who enjoy hanging out with their friends for a couple of hours while enjoying the peace and serenity of the Waikato River.

One visitor from the United Kingdom wrote on TripAdvisor that it was the most fun they had in Taupō.

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