What is Qualmark


​What is Qualmark? 

Qualmark is an organisation owned by Tourism New Zealand, New Zealand’s governing board for tourism. They offer endorsements for tourism activities, services and transport providers, and a rating system for tourist accommodations. 

When a company signs up for Qualmark, they receive an onsite evaluation against up to 300 criteria tailored to the specific tourism experience they offer. 

The ratings of Bronze, Silver and Gold imply what they traditionally represent where Bronze is the lowest rating to Gold being the highest. 

In addition to the Qualmark Bronze, Silver or Gold award, accommodation businesses, such as hotels, motels, holiday parks, hostels, etc. are given a five-star rating to indicate the quality of the facilities that they offer:

  • 1 Star – Facilities and service meets customers’ minimum requirements
  • 2 Star – Exceeds customers minimum requirements
  • 3 Star – Good to very good facilities and services
  • 4 Star – Consistently high-quality levels of facilities and service
  • 5-Star – Facilities and services amongst the best on offer in New Zealand.
  • Qualmark isn’t compulsory for businesses to join. Many high-quality tourism providers decide not to apply for Qualmark. 

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