You choose who provides your maternity care.All maternity care is free unless you choose a specialist doctor. The midwife or specialist doctor you choose to care for you is responsible for your care throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth, and for your and your baby’s care until baby is 6 weeks old. They (or their backup) will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will provide you with care and information about the choices you can make.You should expect your midwife or specialist doctor to:

  • develop a plan with you for your care, including your labour and birth
  • talk to you about staying healthy during the pregnancy
  • be with you during your labour and birth (or, in the case of a doctor, arrange for midwifery care during labour)
  • refer you or your baby to specialist support if needed
  • visit you (or arrange for you to be visited) at the hospital and in your home at least seven times after your baby is born
  • refer you to your chosen “Well Child Tamariki Ora” provider after the birth of your baby
  • help you to enrol your baby at a general practice for doctor and practice nurse services.

Your midwife or specialist doctor will see you throughout your pregnancy. They will feel your tummy to check baby’s growth, position and heartbeat, and take your blood pressure and test your wee/mimi. They will also offer screening tests and scans to check that both you and your baby are healthy and well. If you decide to have these tests and scans, your midwife or specialist doctor will arrange them for you and explain your results.Your midwife or specialist doctor will explain how often you will need to be seen during your pregnancy. These visits may be able to take place in your home, at a clinic, on the marae or in a hospital.
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