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Information for landlords and tenants

On this page: Alert Level 4 Information for landlords and tenants Alert Level 3 information for landlords and tenants Alert Level 2 information for landlords and tenants Alert Level 1 information for landlords and tenants I/my tenants are having trouble paying rent, what are my options? I can’t move due to COVID-19 restrictions, do I […]

Some developers may be offered incentive by tax-rule exemption

New houses will be exempt for 20 years from changed tax rules aimed at cooling the housing market, but developers of long-term rental developments may be given an incentive. The government has clarified which properties will be exempt from its move to stop property investors being able to offset interest on loans on residential properties […]

‘Golden Triangle’ dominates property development numbers

The “Golden Triangle” regions of Auckland, Waikato, and Bay of Plenty continue to dominate property development activity in New Zealand, accounting for close to 60 per cent of the annual national building consents issued. Home to just over half of New Zealand’s population (50.18 per cent), The Golden Triangle regions accounted for 52.4 per cent […]

Evergrande woes and what it may mean for New Zealand?

Over the past week, concern has been growing about the bad debts being carried by China’s largest property developer Evergrande. Evergrande is carrying around $447 billion (US$315b) in debt. With Chinese households holding more than 60 per cent of their wealth in the form of property, a default by Evergrande could trigger a much broader […]

Woolworths housing and supermarket development approved by Environment Court

Plans for 270 new houses and apartments, a supermarket, shops, eateries, a tavern, a cinema, a gym and an indoor pool have been given the go ahead for Christchurch’s fastest-growing suburb. The Environment Court has approved a proposal from supermarket company Woolworths to build the subdivision on 21 hectares on Halswell Rd, on the north […]

Many homeowners couldn’t afford their own properties if they were buying now

Three out five home owners would not be able to afford their property if they had to buy it at the current valuation, Consumer NZ has revealed. The figures were gathered through the organisation’s sentiment tracker, which tracks how New Zealanders feel about a range of issues. For people who did not own property, the […]

Lockdown prompts Aucklander to consider a move to the regions.

There has been a surge in the number of Aucklanders checking out property outside the region over this lockdown, Homes.co.nz says. The property listings website analysed the percentage of users in Auckland who were also researching properties in other areas at three different 10-day intervals. It found that over the first 10 days of the […]

Havelock North development to bring ‘much needed’ housing for Hawke’s Bay

A 69.4 Hectare development in Havelock North, which will include between 350 and 400 houses, will help ease pressure on the Hawke’s Bay region’s house market. The development is the first to use the government’s new ‘Streamlined Planning Process (SPP). The SPP allows local authorities to make changes to their district plan and fast-track rezoning […]

Hamilton housing intensifies

Plans have been revealed for possible urban intensification in parts of Chartwell, Five Cross Roads, Claudelands and Hamilton East. The proposed changes to Hamilton’s district plan – which could see medium and high-density housing be prioritised in parts of the city – are a response to new government guidelines which aim to increase housing stocks […]

Ghost Homes Project

A new government project is investigating how to locate empty ‘ghost homes’, find their owners, and encourage them to bring them back to being occupied. Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates that 5.2% of houses in New Zealand are classed as ghost homes. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development has set aside […]