Chinese police to work collaboratively with Auckland police in training initiative


New Zealand police are welcoming Chinese police to Auckland for training and relationship building.

Despite fears of Chinese tech-giant, Huawei, entering Western countries, New Zealand will welcome the Guangzhou police to Tamaki Makaurau, saying there is nothing to fear.

Police confirmed this move is designed to foster learning and information sharing between the forces and would not involve any operational policing.

Last week, the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government Foreign Affairs Office posted a photo of New Zealand and Chinese police celebrating a city friendship and signed a formal cooperation to strengthen the cooperation between the two cities.

This was the first time the Guangzhou police and foreign police signed an intention, indicating the law enforcement agencies will formally cooperate.

The announcement follows comments this week from the Huawei New Zealand boss, who said the Government Communications Security Bureau’s decision to exclude Huawei from rolling out 5G in New Zealand was political “fear mongering”.

A Police spokeswoman said the purpose of this relationhship was to promote bilateral cooperation, friendship and training opportunities.

“During any visit staff [police] would not be undertaking operational duties”.

Foreign police cannot work in a New Zealand policing role unless they’ve been sworn in as constables.

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