Opotiki Demographics

Based in the Bay of Plenty, the Opotiki District is present in the north of New Zealand. As per the June census, the district had a population of 9,720, while the urban population was 4,530. Of the total population, 51% are females, and 49% are males. Here is a breakdown of the people of different age groups living in Opotiki.

Age Group

0-14 years 22.3%
15-64 years 59.1%
Over 65 18.6%

As evident, Opotiki has a well-balanced population, with most of them being middle-aged. Plus, a significant portion of the population is made by young adults, making the town a great residence for students.

The town is primarily inhabited by the Māori population, making up to 50% of the town’s residents. The common ethnicities include:
• Europeans (50%)
• Māori (63.7%)
• Pacific peoples (3.5%)
• Asians (2.8%)
• Others (1%)
Overall, the town is a blend of people from different ethnicities that come together to form a harmonious community.
On the whole, Opotiki isn’t a very religious town, but it has a significant population of Christians. Overall, the town is inclusive for people of most religions.

Religion Percentage
Anglican 8%
Catholic 3.9%
Presbyterian 9.3%
Other Christians 15.1%
Muslims 1.5%
Buddhists 0.4%
Other Religions 38.5%
No Religions 23%
Maori Beliefs 0.3%
The majority of the Opotiki District people earn their livelihood through commissions, wages, salaries, and bonuses. From here, the list of income sources, in order of their prevalence, are mentioned below:
• Veterans pensions
• Self-employment
• Interest, rent, or other investments
• Domestic purposes benefits
• Unemployment benefits
• Government benefits or payments
• Student allowance
• Payments from an insurer
As for the employment rate, 43.3% of the population is employed in a full-time job, while 14.5% are doing a part-time job. The remaining 7.3% of the population is unemployed.
Employed people are mainly working in the following industries:
• Agriculture and forestry
• Education and training
• Healthcare
• Retail trade
• Administrate services
• Manufacturing
• Construction
• Wholesale trade
• Accommodation and food services
• Arts and recreation
• Mining (very few people)
Opotiki is on latitude 38° South and has a temperate climate. In summers, the temperatures go up to mid-20s Celsius. Thus, the district has a booming beach culture. The region is mostly cloudless in winters, but the temperature never falls below freezing temp, making the climate suitable for living comfortably.
For education, Opotiki has three primary schools. These are:
• Ashbrook School
• Opotiki School
• Woodlands School
All schools are co-educational.
To sum up, Opotiki is a great town to live in if you like to stay by the beach and enjoy occasional snow. Moreover, it has residents from all ethnicities and religions, thus, being inclusive for people with different beliefs.

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