How are councils formed?

  • Councils are governed by elected members. Councillors and mayors are elected to make decisions and represent the needs and interests of their community.
  • The voting population within each council area elects councillors for their territorial authority and regional council. In territorial authorities, a mayor is directly elected by the community to lead the council. In regional councils, the leader of the council is the Chair. The Chair is an elected member who is selected by the councillors.
  • The situation is Auckland is slightly different. Auckland has a governing body of 21 members that are responsible for the overall direction of the council. This body shares its governance responsibilities with an additional 21 local boards hat represent the interests of smaller local areas within the greater Auckland region.
  • Council operations are managed by a chief executive, appointed by the elected members for a five year term, Staff carry out the day-to-day work of a council under the chief executive’s direction.

Community Boards

Many territorial authorities have community boards. These help represent community views and provide advice to the council. Community board members are elected at the same time as councillors. The powers of a community board are given to it by the council. These powers differ between councils. Community boards are not the same as the local boards in Auckland.

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