Rental cars

Hiring a car in New Zealand
With self-drive, you’ll have the flexibility to evolve your itinerary as you go along and the freedom to explore places that are away from the main tourist trails.
Rental car companies in New Zealand offer a wide range of vehicles available to suit any budget. You’ll find all the big names as well as a number of local operators.
There are depots in the main cities as well as in most of the regional airports throughout the country. One way hire is easy to organise.
Make sure your travel insurance covers rental car hire.
Usually, you need to be 21 or older to rent a car in New Zealand.

Tips for finding cheap rental cars
Generally, the longer you hire the rental car, the cheaper the daily rate.
For visitors looking for a great way to travel on a tight budget, rental car relocation in New Zealand is an affordable and easy way to get exploring. Rental car relocation deals are offered when a car hire company needs to move vehicles from one city to another.
These relocation deals allow travellers to cheaply drive rental cars over a set number of days, from a pick-up branch, to the needed location.

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