Job interviews

Job interviews can be a scary experience for a lot of people, but they are usually necessary to ensuring you get a job. To make sure they go as smoothly as possible and you are in with the best chance of getting the job there are ways you can prepare.


Do as much research on the company you are applying for. Look at what they do, who their competitors are and what are the key struggles for their industry. There might be some questions in the interview that could be about the company or the industry, so you need to be prepared. Look at the job description and if you are applying for a role you haven’t done before then do some research on the actual role to and what is expected of it.


Prepare for potential questions
A lot of interviewers will ask some common questions, such as ‘what are your top 3 positive attributes?’ or ‘Give us an example of how something went wrong, and you fixed it’. Do some research into common interview questions and make sure you are prepared to answer them.
Read through the job description and think of skills and experience that you have that match each point listed in that. They are likely to ask questions based off of this.


Prepare your own questions
To show that you are interested in the role you should prepare questions that you can ask the employer. Your research can help you come up with these questions.


Dress for the role
Not all interviews will require you to dress smart, however it is best practice to ensure that you look presentable and professional. Employers will notice that you have made an effort to be well dressed. If you don’t you can be seen as scruffy or not the right fit for the role. Even if you are just doing a video interview make sure you are dressed to impress.


Know where you are going and don’t be late
Being late for an interview is not a good look and could lose you the opportunity to be considered for the role. Make sure you know exactly where the interview is and how long it is going to take you to get there. Ensure you leave yourself enough time to get there and then some. It is better to be early than rushing or late.

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