Temporary Accommodation

When moving to a new country it is always a good idea to arrange some temporary accommodation. Unless you are staying with family or going straight to accommodation organised by your employer then you will have a period of time whilst you are looking for a more permanent place to stay where you will need somewhere to live.
The most common forms of temporary accommodation are hotel, motels, holiday homes or cabins in a holiday park. You can find many different forms of accommodation, so it depends on what you are looking for. Price also varies quite drastically in different places, so do some research and find what fits you best. Time of year can affect prices though, so you need to consider that times when maybe it’s a public holiday might be more expensive.


To find a hotel you can go on a commercial booking site, there are many to choose from. Sites such as Wotif will allow you to search a wide range of different types of accommodation. You will be able to select your price range and time frame to see what you can get. When booking it is a good idea to get a quote for a stay that is longer than you intend to, just in case something goes wrong and you end up needing to be their longer than expected.


Holiday homes
Holiday homes are available in New Zealand cities and towns that you can rent for short periods of time. In the North Island, holiday homes might be referred to as a bach, which is pronounced like ‘batch’. In the South Island, it could be referred to as a ‘crib’.


Holiday parks
Many holiday parks and campsites have cabins and tourist flat options available which can be a cheaper alternative to short term stay. However you might want to think about the fact that some holiday parks have shared facilities, so if that is an issue then it might be best to look into accommodation options in the parks where it’s all included or consider a different type of short term accommodation.

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