Property Valuations

Valuing a property is extremely important for a lot of reasons. These include insurance purposes, property tax, financial planning and of course for when you are selling and buying a property.
Capital value is the price that would have been paid for a particular property if it had been purchased at the time of the evaluation. Market value is defined as the economic value of the property. It looks at moral values, socio-economic values, environmental values etc.
Values are calculated by QV valuers through technology and experience. The valuers analyse recent sales and compare similar properties to it. QV valuers inspect properties that are sold recently and those who have had work done to them.
If you are looking for a property to be valued then you need to find a registered valuer. If they are actively valuing for the public then they will need to have an annual practising certificate, so ask them for that to know that they are legit.

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