There are 16 institutes of technology and polytechnics located across New Zealand. Institutes of Technology generally focus on providing a hands-on, practical education, offering vocational certificates and diplomas in both general and specialised areas of study.

Many of these polytechnics or institutes of technology also offer undergraduate degrees, in fields such as business, computer science, IT, science as well as in a range of speciality areas which are not available at a university. Some even offer select postgraduate programmes, often through a partnership with a local university.

Polytechnic classes are often smaller and more personal which suits some students. The courses offered usually come with a much bigger hands-on and practical component that university courses. If you ‘learn by doing’ rather than by theory alone, a polytechnic course could be just right for you.

These practical courses and learning styles work for employers too, making graduates much more ‘work-ready’ than many university grads as they often come along with some practical work experience and specific skills the industry is wanting.

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