Private Training Establishments

New Zealand has a huge number of Private Training Establishments (PTEs) and they are all very different in what they offer and teach. What links them all is that they are required to be registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and their curriculum and academic standards must meet national standards.

PTEs are very diverse in terms of their size, location, culture and their areas of educational expertise. PTEs can range from small, one or two person businesses right through to large operations with large teaching staffs and thousands of students. PTEs are operated by a wide range of companies, trusts and other entities, and most exist with the hope or expectation of operating at a profit.

PTE programmes are most often in specific vocational niches, teaching at certificate and diploma level although an increasing number are now offering programmes at degree and postgraduate levels, including Master’s degrees.

The vast majority of PTEs are actually located in Auckland (>75%), and many are concentrated solely on the international student market. These are generally distinguished by the focus on English language training and introductory business courses they offer.

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